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About Us

Self Love Brings Beauty was officially founded in 2015, but it has been a message thats been in my heart for as long as I remember. It was a interview in the early stages of my career when a journalist asked me an ignorant question about my gym routine and diet as they were puzzled as to how a size 20 women could be the face for an international makeup brand. At that moment I thought if this person was truly confident and had self love within themselves, they wouldn't ask ignorant and harmful questions to others, if they truly believed in self love, they would understand it brings beauty no matter what shape or size.

I felt if I could get this message out even to one person, it could make a difference.


The movement was then born, just a logo and a hashtag.

( Now currently at 70,000 posts of messages of self-love online )

Since then SLBB has created an online community sharing messages of positivity, love and acceptance no matter your gender, age, ability, background or sexuality, everyone is welcome. We have a brand, a limited edition fashion line, wellness products and produce bespoke events globally.

In an industry that solely focuses one type of beauty ideal, we have been pushing the narratives of inclusivity to hopefully seeing the future of that word abolished as it will be a normality.

Let's make that change together.

love Felicity

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