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Pick your own Galentines Crystal Set 


Valentine's is about celebrating love and not just with your partners, but with friends and YOURSELF also.

A lot of people, single or in a relationship will be alone this Valentine's and I have created a little self love set which would be perfect for some who you think might need a little pick me up this 14th Feb, even if that person is you.

I have created a special set which includes a set of the 52 Self-Love Affirmation Mantra Cards  and a beautiful raw handpicked crystal necklace. RRP £34

We have -

Rose Quartz - promotes self-love, restores trust and harmony in relationships.

Citrine - raises self-esteem and self-confidence, alongside attracting wealth and prosperity.

Amethyst - protective stone that also helps with grounding tranquility, and calm.

Black Tourmaline - protects from negative emotions and anxieties.

Fluorite - intuitive stone that increases our powers of concentration and helps us in decision-making.

Quartz - master healer that amplifies energy and draws off negativity.


As these are natural raw pieces, each piece is unique and different but be assured each one is beautiful.

These sets are super limited edition, will be available from for 1 week only.



Self Love Crystal Set

  • To make most of your new crystal necklace -

    • Set an intention
    • Leave out on your windowsill to charge by the moon.


     ( Chain made from Gold coloured brass, keep out of water to not damage the finish )

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